What is Booming?

Booming is more than just a book. It is a life-changing philosophy for ageing well. Booming is your essential guide to ageing positively and choosing to turn your later years into ones in which you positively rather than just survive. 

Booming the book, by ageing expert Marcus Riley, offers practical and achievable steps to ensure you can do it as well as the many wonderful people featured within its pages. So inspiring is the Booming message, it has become its own movement and now has a popular podcast featuring insights and advice from positive ageing role models such as Maggie Beer and Kerry O’Brien as well as experts in law and finance to give you the best information possible. 

Booming is your chance to embrace your senior years with joy, passion and wisdom. Be a part of it, by joining the Booming community. 

Marcus Riley, Author

"This is the most uplifting book about ageing I have ever come across. 

You will find your true potential in this book — no matter what your age, which, after all, is just a number."

Daily Telegraph

"Riley sheds light on the challenges and delights of being an older person and encourages you to reject the negativity that comes with getting older."

Better Homes & Garden