Booming is more than just a book. Booming is your life-changing, achievable and essential guide to ageing and getting the best out of life and yourself for the whole of your life. Booming is a life-changing philosophy for ageing well. It is about embracing positivity in the ageing process. It can help you positively decide how you want to live the rest of your life. It explains the need for purpose in our lives to age successfully. Best of all, it shows you how to boom with joy, passion and wisdom! That it’s more than possible for everybody – yes, even you! Booming teaches us all how to do it! 

Ageing and longevity is one of humanity’s greatest triumphs and yet the overall perception of getting older remains predominantly negative and widely feared. This is something positive ageing advocate Marcus Riley is doing his best to change.  

Marcus Riley with colleagues at the United Nations advocating for the rights of older people. 

The founder of the Booming movement, and author of the highly celebrated ageing guide, Booming, Marcus has brought together two decades of experience in the ageing industry across the globe to share real stories of people thriving at all stages of their later lives.  

Booming has become a movement that inspires people to look at ageing as a way to give back to oneself, to our loved ones, neighbours and our communities. It offers a way of living to flourish with the gifts of hard-earned experience and wisdom whilst embracing each stage of humanity’s increased longevity.  

Through his Booming message, Marcus is inspiring generations of people to seize the opportunities that come with ageing. He shows each of us there is always a choice. We can either accept the social norms that old age means we will just fade away and wither on the vine, or we can make the bold and Booming choice to revel in the fruits of our potentially great later life. 

His Booming message puts us all back in the driver’s seat of what can be the most enjoyable ride of our lives should we choose to make it so.  

So how did Marcus become an expert in ageing successfully? His career in the field of ageing has spanned more than two decades and he has become an industry leader with local, national and global influence.  

Marcus is the immediate past chair and current Director of the Global Ageing Network. He regularly addresses major forums on ageing at the United Nations and is on several UN working and stakeholder groups, all aimed to promote and advocate for the rights of older people globally. He is the Chairman of BallyCara, a charitable organisation and public benevolent institution that provides accommodation, health and care services for older people.  

Above all, Marcus is an advocate for positive ageing and a world where older people can make a powerful choice to boom. Not only can we then enjoy the fruits of our wisdom and experience, but it is also an opportunity to inspire future generations to do the same. 

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